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intervention, shmintervention…

25 Mar

In the past week, we’ve heard about the GCC’s military intervention in Bahrain, as well as about the now NATO-led military intervention in Libya.

One’s a biggie in the news, the other one isn’t.

One is meant to restore a regime, the other one is to remove… Wait, no: While the UN mandate allows intervention, it doesn’t permit removing Qadafi’s regime: Tricky… But what to do if the aim was to remove Qadafi? Sticking to the resolution, the allied forces could just wait for him to leave. My suggestion: They might speed things up by putting on some Michael Jackson music and wait for Qadafi to moonwalk his way out of Libya. By the way: When will the GCC troops moonwalk their way back over King Fahd Causeway and out of Bahrain?

Anyway, here’s Ziad Abu-Rish with a nice piece on the differences between intervention in Bahrain and intervention in Libya.


The Pan Arabian Enquirer: “Gaddafi could join TV reality show”

5 Mar

“TRIPOLI: Television executives had reportedly landed in Tripoli last night in an attempt to persuade Muammar Gaddafi to join the latest reality show sensation. The next series of I’m a Dictator Get Me Out of Here, produced by UK production company Endemic, is due to start shooting in April, and producers are apparently desperate to sign up the outspoken Libyan leader before he fulfills his pledge to martyr himself.”

Very nice. Alternative title suggestion:  Sidra Shore?

The whole scoop’s here.

And just to be fool-proof: Kindly refrain from hyperventilating and bear in mind Saudi King Abdallah planning to buy Facebook in order to shut it down.