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intervention, shmintervention…

25 Mar

In the past week, we’ve heard about the GCC’s military intervention in Bahrain, as well as about the now NATO-led military intervention in Libya.

One’s a biggie in the news, the other one isn’t.

One is meant to restore a regime, the other one is to remove… Wait, no: While the UN mandate allows intervention, it doesn’t permit removing Qadafi’s regime: Tricky… But what to do if the aim was to remove Qadafi? Sticking to the resolution, the allied forces could just wait for him to leave. My suggestion: They might speed things up by putting on some Michael Jackson music and wait for Qadafi to moonwalk his way out of Libya. By the way: When will the GCC troops moonwalk their way back over King Fahd Causeway and out of Bahrain?

Anyway, here’s Ziad Abu-Rish with a nice piece on the differences between intervention in Bahrain and intervention in Libya.