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The Empire strikes back

7 Jun

About a week ago, I read this article portraying gay and lesbian activists in Syria. I admired the courage to share one’s thoughts openly, to not hide behind pseudonyms, nevermind the fact that homosexuality is a crime in Syria. I was hoping these guys wouldn’t get in trouble with a regime that, during the past week, unleashed various measures of fighting back public insurgence. The ruling forces continue to use tactics such as cracking down protests, cutting off and then resuming Internet access, possibly staging incidents and using state media to disseminate their own version of the truth (this list probably goes on endlessly).

Said article and various others on the gay and lesbian scene had presented a young woman blogging openly on her life as a gay Syrian and on the current political events. Needless to say, one was left wondering whether her openness might make Amina Arraf an easy target for authorities at some point, especially since the regime seems to resort to taking every possible step to reinforce its prevalence. The fact that Amina is half American does not make the situation less worrisome.

This morning, I read on Global Voices that Amina Arraf has dissappeared, that her family does not know her whereabouts and that they’re worried she has been seized by authorities. Her cousin posted the news on Amina’s blog, and she will probably continue to update it with news on Amina.

This might come off a bit cheesy and unprofessional, but I really hope the hard-pressed regime does not immolate this young woman as a demonstration of power.