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140 Zeichen: Twitter-Rezensionen von Bashar al-Assads Rede

30 Mar

Parlaments-Theater. Photo: Screenshot Al-Jazeera/unbekannt.

Reaktionen auf Bashar al-Assad:

BirutaBerytus Conspiracy again #syria

SyrSpring RT @SyrianJasmine: is it a speech or is it a show??#basharspeech #Syria

nhacizade can’t tell if #Asad is super relaxed or super nervous. Obvious diffrnce from other dictators is he’s speaking to an interactive “parliament”

blakehounshell: Drunk already. RT@kristenchick: New drinking game: take a swig every time Bashar says “conspiracy.” #syria

anasqtiesh: Speaking about the Palestinian Cause. Come on man that’s not why you’re here. #Assad#Syria

SyrianCap RT @PALRevolution#Syria الأسد يحاول التهرب من مسئولياته و تصدير أزمته الى الغير…..لن ينفعك هذا الكلام يا تافه (etwa: “Assad versucht, seine Verantwortung und den Auswuchs seiner Krise auf andere zu schieben… Diese Rede wird nicht gelingen, du Narr”)

PoliticallyBrit: The nervous laughter of blood-thirsty dictator #Bashar #Assad says it all.The crazy poems & hand clapping fail to convince #Syria. Out! Out!

shadihamid: Goodness, Assad’s speech is turning out worse than I thought… and the bar was already pretty low. #Syria

Hawasalshammari ماذا عن من سفك الدماء يا فخامة الرئيس #Syria (“Was ist mit den Blutvergiessern, verehrter Herr Präsident?”)

SyrRevo انا مليت #Syria (“Mir ist langweilig”)

weddady#Syria TV has an outside camera on pro-bashar crowd to show them chanting when he makes his point. #SmartPropaganda

Dima_Khatib: Bashar Assad speech is OVER.. Not even one reform offered !!!!! #syria #mar15 #march15

Seleucid Bad news: you’re government is much much worse than you ever expected. Good news: you never really needed it. #syria

algergawi: Bashar key message: protestors forgiven but don’t even think of protesting again.#Syria


Reaktionen auf die Parlamentsabgeordneten:

LeShaque RT @HalaGorani: If every sycophant in the room gets up to compliment the president, this might take a while.#Syria

KKKareemmm مجلس السوء #Syria #March15 (“Parlament des Bösen”)

epicloser RT @evanchill: Assad has been interrupted by at least five different MPs giving what sound like prepared remarks supporting him. #Syria

ateedalrai #syria برلمان لمسرحيه من مسرحيات غوار الطوشي (“Das Parlament ist wie ein Stück von Ghawar El Toshi”)

Mr_Qatarneh The Syrian Parliament is just clapping and laughing because Bashar Al-Asad is really a funny guy #Syria#Jordan…..

Dima_Khatib: Crowd cheering outside + MP’s acting like fans (cheering, reciting poetry) + the clapping —> stuff inherited from Hafez Assad ! #syria

“الله سوريا حرية و بس”

“Allah, Suriya, Horriya, o bass”

“Nur Gott, Syrien und Freiheit”