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Some random links, for those who are interested

20 Apr

May Akl wrote a very nuanced piece on the current uprise in Syria. She highlights the complexity of the Syrian civil society and its Islamist string-pullers, and her article is an interesting diversion from the media’s common “The people vs. Bashar al-Assad” scenarios we read about these days. “The false hope of revolution in Syria

Here’s Sandmonkey with a nice little rant on current conceptions of the Egyptian Democratization process. Interesting read.  “7 popular myths about the Revolution

Here’s also David Cronin criticizing the European Union for its limp stand on the treatment of Palestinians in Israel. “EU turns blind side to Palestinians citizens in Israel

The death of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni has stirred as much shock among Western observers and media as it did among Arabs and Palestinians. People in the West Bank and Gaza are mourning Arrigoni’s death in public solidarity protests just days after his execution. Mourners also gathered in Jordan’s capital Amman, a city populated by a large Palestinian minority. Arragoni’s death follows o the heels of the murder of Israeli-Palestinian theater director Juliano Mer-Khamis‘ in Jenin.  “Gaza protests murder of Italian activist

And, on a rather whimsical note, let’s turn to Egypt’s eccentric former Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass, with his soft spot for Indiana Jones hats and public attention. Hawass supported Mubarak in the beginning of the uprise, then resigned shortly after Mubarak stepped down; he was reappointed some weeks after that, and is now, in a wonderfully insane finale, facing jail time and being chased out of his job anew. Next to that, he is also facing criticism and sneer for promoting his own fashion line: Correct, his fashion line. To quote Egyptian blogger Zeinobia, “it does not only rain for Zahi Hawass but it is pouring cats and dogs“. Because it doesn’t end here. Do you remember National Geographic’s spectacular 2002 live documentary featuring a robot exploring never before seen doors in the Great Pyramid, with millions of viewers all over the world glued to their seats? Well, it seems that claims are making the rounds stating that Hawass’ footage is fake. Yet another fine conspiracy theory for the world.


Syrien wartet auf Bashar al-Assad

30 Mar

Syrien erwartet gespannt die erste Rede von Bashar al-Assad seit die Unruhen das Land zu spalten begannen. Twitter-User melden sich pro und contra al-Assad zu Wort:

nonarabarab RT @shadihamid: Will Bashar continue the Arab tradition of leaders giving really bad speeches at important moments? #Syria

LebaneseGuyy RT @SyrianProtester: When i was a child I was forced to join pro-assads marches, forced to say Assad forever. Am not a child anymore. #Syria

pettybooshwah RT @shadihamid: Favorite Arab leader excuse: the dictator isn’t the problem; it’s the ppl around him! #Syria

mchebib RWTWEET if you believe in the current Syrianregime & if you stand against this conspiracy against Syria#Syria #Egypt #Lebanon #Jordan6 minutes ago via web

jamalkhashoggi RT @Brian_Whit: I wonder why Bashar’s speech keeps getting postponed. Arguments inside Syrian regime about its contents? #syria

ThisIsRamy No pressure Mr. President. This may be the single most important speech your career. #Syria#BasharSpeech

Abbasrahbani I am getting impatient, yalla #Syria #Mar15


Einige Tweets beziehen sich weiterhin auf einen Brief des Gouverneurs von Tartous, der die Bevölkerung anordnet, in grosser Zahl zu Demonstrationen für Bashar al-Assad zu erscheinen.

shamsalsamaray RT @AnonymousSyria: قديمة بس حلوة: مظاهرات بشار العفوية، النفاق السوري بالأدلة #Syria

(“Alt, aber schön: Die spontanen Bashar-Demonstrationen, der Beweis syrischer Scheinheiligkeit”)


Der User “SyrianPresident” parodiert Bashar al-Assad gleich selbst:

SyrianPresident: Ready? Got your pop corn? Let’s do this. #Syria #Lebanon#Jordan #Iran #Saudi #Kuwait #Libya #Bahrain #Yemen#Beirut #Egypt #Turkey

SyrianPresident: Tomorrow I’ll go on TV in #Gaddafi‘s popemobile and umbrella although my #Vogue princess says I’ll look ridiculous. #Syria #Lebanon #Jordan

Der letzte Tweet bezieht sich auf einen Artikel über die Frau Bashar al-Assads: Die Modezeitschrift VOGUE hatte im Februar dieses Jahres Asma al-Assad portraitiert und dabei das Bild einer ganz normalen, modernen Familie gezeichnet. Bashar al-Assad kam darin ebenfalls zu Wort.