Yay, there’s a new Social Networking Site around!

6 Jun

… Only this one is Arabic.

In an interview with the National, AreebaAreeba’s founder Ayman Irshaid explains his thoughts behind the project, which was to create an online community not mainly for students, but for the entire Arab World and for Arab expats all over the world staying in touch with people at home. From the look of it,  AreebaAreeba aims at becoming the Arabic equivalent to business networking sites such as xing. But according to Irshaid, this year’s uprises saw a spike in network groups relating to the current political events in the Arab world. In this sense, AreebaAreeba seems to be somewhat of a mix of business and private networking tool.

The most interesting aspect is that the site’s in Arabic. Surely, AreebaAreeba is “yet another online community”, but with Arabic as its main language, the network site will be interesting to observe in regional competition to the market leaders Facebook and Linkedin. Some users might be tempted to join AreebaAreeba because this community  makes them feel more accommodated or “at home”. And while an astonishingly large number of Arabs has excellent command of English, there are of course millions of Arabs with very little or no knowledge of English whatsoever. Those might so far have been hesitant to join the mainly anglophone Facebook, MySpace and so on. I’m guessing that those are a perfect target group for AreebaAreeba.

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